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Cost savings by reducing your transportation costs, elimination of the middleman, and increasing the list of economic chemical suppliers.



Process - Receive dry urea on-site, blend with water and heat in a specialized mixing tank.  PLC controls entire process automatically to minimize Operator attention.

Cost Savings - Current delivered price of dry urea is $150-$200 per ton, which equates to $0.35-0.46 per gal  of urea solution at 50wt%.

Equipment payback improves as annual quantity increases.  .




Create urea solutions for SNCR, SCR and Flue Gas Treatment Systems.

Choice of delivery methods - dump truck, bulk pneumatic truck, and supersack. 

Fully modularized and PLC controlled.

Shown at left: 10,000 GPD fully automatic modular system.

Solution Accuracy +/- 0.3% By Weight